Program overview

We operate a bounty program to encourage open source authors to add and improve UA and EAI functionality in popular software.

Anyone can submit code changes to provide or improve UA and EAI support for any open source program, and we will will pay the first qualified author $1024.

To qualify, the patch must meet certain requirements:

  • It must be submitted between 1 May 2018 and 31 May 2019
  • It must add or improve UA or EAI support
  • EAI and UA support should be compiled/enabled by default
  • It should be tested as usual for the program in question The bounty reviewer must be told about the patch.
  • If the reviewer finds errors or omissions in the patch, they must be corrected before the bounty is paid.

We expect most patches to be from occasional project submitters, the project maintainers, or IDN and EAI specialists, but nearly anyone is eligible.

No particular language or script needs to be supported. What we’re looking for is UA and EAI support, not support for any particular character set or language. We’re asking for clean code and meaningful improvements to UA or EAI support. If the submitter can type Chinese or has a Chinese font, then test with Chinese. If the submitter can type Arabic aor has an Arabic font, then test with Arabic.

We offer a list of tests that people can carry out, but we don’t require specific tests beyond showing that the feature works or the bug has been fixed. Where relevant, tests should demonstrate compliance with the criteria in UASG018.

See the Bounties page for bounties paid, and programs and libraries that need EAI, IDN, and UA patches.

To apply for a bounty, or to ask whether a patch would qualify for a bounty, see the Contact page.

For more information on the specifications of internationalized domain names and e-mail, see the References page.